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Advisory Services

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Corporate Strategy

At StarMarc we undertake Strategic planning for our clients. We help you develop a strategy, plus we help you evaluate the attractiveness of a market you might be thinking of entering. When hired by a board, we evaluate a company’s strategy and offer an informed opinion based upon a business model with powerful differentiation, customer change barriers, and profitability. For companies considering entry into a new market segment, we conduct primary and secondary research. We identify the customer pool, the competitive set, the market trends, the technical trends, and the investment required to become and remain competitive.

Whether you’re facing a crisis, or trying to avert one, we can help you protect your assets. In times corporate crisis, you will appreciate our solid, objective judgment. As experienced turnaround and restructuring advisors, we can quickly determine when it is possible to get a company back on track and when it is wise to liquidate.


Turnaround Strategy

Your organization’s problems are mounting, there are impending bankruptcy proceedings, conflicts with key suppliers and Employees and managers jumping ship. During these times of corporate distress, you need a group that can help you formulate solutions that address these special management challenges in a quick and timely fashion. Our turnaround management experts can devise and execute a plan for corporate renewal by leveraging your organization’s potential, making it worth saving.


Debt Restructuring

Whether the result of significant owner distributions or an overly aggressive debt facility put in place to support an acquisition strategy, a highly leveraged debt structure carries a significant amount of risk. When an unexpected net loss occurs, covenants are violated, cash gets tight and everyone’s anxiety levels rise. At times like these, you need a debt restructuring expert to assist companies, creditors, and shareholders with both immediate and long-term solutions that allow a business to continue operating while an equitable debt and equity structure is negotiated. Our debt restructuring experts have the extensive experience that allows us to handle complex issues arising in out-of-court restructurings and recapitalizations. We’ve positioned our debt restructuring services to assist you in preserving and creating value for everyone involved. We work to maintain open and constructive communications with all parties and draw upon our other practice groups, including corporate finance, valuation, tax, pension and real estate as necessary to ensure all issues are considered

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