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Advisory Services

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Operational Turn-around

Our cross-functional operations improvement group offers a full spectrum of integrated operational, financial, strategic, human capital, and technology services to help companies, like yours, reduce costs and continue to improve performance and boost your bottom line. We tailor our approach to your specific needs; after all, no two companies are alike and neither are any two solutions.

If part of your strategy is to increase profitability, our experienced operations improvement consulting team can help you identify and eliminate waste as well as come up with cost reduction strategies in every area of your organization, so that you can expend fewer resources and less time and human effort while improving quality and services. If you need to quickly and dramatically impact cash flow and your bottom line, our seasoned operations restructuring experts can quickly assess your operations and execute a plan to get you back on track to profitability. To ensure a healthy bottom line, it is always important to focus on the effectiveness and efficiency of your operations.

Our operations improvement team includes professionals that assist organizations with:

a. Assessing and improving quality systems
b. Establishing effective program and project management practices enabling flawless product launches and effective project implementation
c. Implementing lean business practices to decrease waste
d. Establishing sustainable continuous improvement processes
e. Analyzing and helping clients reduce logistics, transportation, and supply chain costs
f. Project managing programs and launches
g. Building and implementing supplier development and management systems
h. Building and measuring customer and employee loyalty

These are just a few of the ways our team provides results to clients like you. We’ll help you achieve heightened levels of profitability and excellence.


Lean Enterprise/Organization Management: Anytime is a good time to implement a “lean” enterprise or organization, but in this economically challenging times, lean becomes even more vital. In most cases it will have an immediate and sustainable impact on your bottom line.


StarMarc can help you with a bouquet of profit-enhancing practises including:

a. Performance measurement
b. Continuous improvement
c. Cost reduction
d. Product & process development and launch

Keeping operations running efficiently and effectively is key to your organization’s short- and long-term survival. Our operations experts offer a wide array of methodologies including developing strategic responses to complex and dynamic operational environments, to analyzing the full impact of operational strategies from a cost benefit perspective. The day-to-day operations that take place within your organization are a bustling array of moves. These moves must work together to create order and efficiency. Our operations experts will help your organization assess and analyze the flow, from information to products, and increase efficiency throughout your entire value system, leading to an overall increase in your organization’s bottom line.

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